-BIBM study abroad is a free advice service for you, your families, sponsors, schools and college advisors.

-Our unique selling point is our policy of putting the welfare of the students as our number one priority and not only providing the students with all the necessary guidance and support in their education but also career guidance.

-Provide professional counselling services by well-experienced, talented and foreign educated student advisory team, specialising in different study destinations.

-We assist you to design and decide your education path to suit your interests.

-All student applications are handled efficiently.

-All correspondence with foreign institutions are conducted in an ethical and timely manner.

- Expertise of preparing the Visa documentation.

-We provide career pathway guidance and options for Study, Work, and Migration through education by utilising your existing qualification & work experience.

-We provide fast track study options for students to obtain exemptions for subjects, which results in saving millions of rupees and precious time.(example: Exemptions are offered to HND, ABE, NCC, BCS, CIMA, ACCA and CIM qualified and part qualified students for further studies )

-We have the widest range of excellent international institutional partners representing many exciting destinations that will suit your academic abilities, career development needs and personal aspirations. We will support your decision or provide you with a short list of suitable options for you to consider.

-We advocate for our students with our partner institutions to get the maximum scholarships and bursaries from our partners. -Always attempt to gain scholarships for high achievers and offering special scholarship opportunities and incentives to the students, which offered by the Universities and institutions time to time.

-We continuously introduce new and exciting courses/study options at very affordable prices from top Universities and Institutions from around the globe.


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