Study in Europe

Whys Europe?

High-quality education for students with great potential
Europe is an important centre of innovation and a driving force behind scientific progress with highly regarded universities and institutes of education guaranteeing an unparalleled standard of teaching.

With over 400 Nobel Laureates and about 45% of the patent applications worldwide, Europe is a natural leader in research and education. No matter what your personal preferences - science, law, business and economics or humanities – you can pursue this in Europe. There are also opportunities for training that are directly connected to the industry that you intend to pursue a career in.

European Degrees are recognized and respected worldwide. The Top-ranking universities provide a broad variety of courses and many are taught in English. Language classes at all levels are also available. More information about your study options in Europe and for detailed information on courses,Universities and scholarships, please reach us.

European Higher Education

Europe has many hundreds of higher education institutions, renowned as centers of excellence around the world. However, higher education systems have traditionally been formulated at the national level. Increasing European integration is changing that, with the development of the European Higher Education Area, helping to reinforce the attractiveness of higher education in Europe.

The EHEA is a region with a world-class knowledge base and cutting-edge research facilities in internationally-renowned centers of excellence. This is what attracts hundreds of thousands of foreign students each year to study in Europe.

Increasing mobility and links between national higher education systems serve to reinforce this attraction. Foreign students coming to Europe can see for themselves the amazing diversity available to them (both inside and outside the university), while taking advantage of the smooth transferability of coursework, qualifications and research opportunities.

100,000 students from Asia alone are currently studying at higher learning institutions across the European Union.

Studying in the EU costs less than you think!

These high academic standards are achieved without breaking the bank. Education in Europe is considered a basic right. Efforts are taken to ensure that Europe's more than 6,000 higher education institutions are open to anyone with the appropriate qualifications. Tuition fees and living cost are relatively affordable. There are many scholarships available that can help you cover the cost of studying in Europe.

European higher education institutions provide a strong support to help your education

European universities are becoming increasingly internationalized. European higher education institutions will support you throughout your studies overseas. These services can include airport transfers, university orientation programs, accommodation, mentoring, and extra-curricular activities – everything that you need to help you settle into your studies and surroundings.

The EU Member States also make every effort to simplify the delivery of visas for overseas students. Online procedures are widely available and you may also get information from your local embassies on visa application procedures.

Europe is culturally rich and diverse!

Europe offers a unique cultural experience in a dynamic and multicultural environment. In Europe you will discover that we speak 23 different languages, have diverse culture and traditions. Its landscapes and nature are unmatched around the world. And thanks to the provisions of Schengen Treaty, you may travel throughout most of Europe with only one visa.

Who's in the EU?

The European Union (EU) comprises 28 European countries, committed to working together for peace and prosperity, and we believe that education is one of the most important ways to contribute towards this.

Top Reasons for Study in Europe

  • Many Courses taught 100% in English
  • IELTS not mandatory for all / Low IELTS requirement
  • European Degrees are recognized and respected worldwide
  • Lower fees / cost for international students as compared to US, UK, Canada and Australia.
  • Low cost of living
  • Europe has long heritage of research, innovation, literature and art studies. Hence, majority of the Nobel prize winners and renowned scientist, poets, artists are from Europe.
  • Europe has the world’s oldest and most respected education system. Some of the European Universities are more than 1000 years old.
  • Opportunity to work part time
  • Visa free travel among all European Union Countries.
  • Medicine Universities approved by WHO ( World Health Organization) and United States Medical Board
  • Opportunity to spend 2 semesters in another European Union countries
  • Work permit / job search visa opportunity
  • Safe for women
  • Available student discounts on local transport, tourist sports and restaurant
  • Upon graduation you get up to 1 year work permit to look for suitable jobs.

  • Tuition Fees


    Eastern/Central Europe :
    ( Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Lithuania,Latvia, Romania, Bulgaria):
    Bachelors: Euro 2500-4000 per year
    Masters: From 4000 Euro
    Scholarship available

    Rest of Europe :
    ( Netherlands, Cyprus Switzerland,Germany, Italy, Spain, Austria, France, Sweden, Denmark, Norway):
    Bachelors From: Euro 4000
    Masters From: 5000 Euro
    Scholarship available

    *Above mentioned fees are for international programmes taught in English language.

    Popular Courses:

  • Engineering
  • Hospitality and Tourism
  • Medicine / Health Science
  • Business Management
  • Information Technology
  • Art / Design / Architecture
  • Political Science
  • Intercultural & Language studies
  • Aviation / Aeronautical

  • *Please note NOT all European countries offer above courses in English. Each country offers its own unique international Programmes. For example, Italy & France offers excellent programmes in Design/Business Management /IT in English language .whereas, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Hungary, etc. and other east European countries offer excellent programmes in Medicine/Dentistry in English language. Hence, student must chose the country based on the specialization they wish to choose. kindly contact BIBM Counselor to know which country might best fit your requirement.


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